PR-promotion of Elite Residential Estate in Khamovniki District

Business League Communication Group has developed and successfully implemented for 2 years a communication project for the Asset Management Company "Unicor" in order to increase sales volumes due to the creation of the unique image of the elite residential estate, as well as to level weaknesses of the project and to strengthen its positive consumer characteristics by the communication means.

The strategy program of PR-promotion of elite residential estate in Khamovniki District consisted of 3 stages.

The first stage was the project announcement and building the foundation for the promotion. Stage period: 4 months. Results: high level of interest of target audience, there were created a positive "Khamovniki Legend" and set toponym "Khamovniki", there was developed the basic expert reputation of the investor and developer in the field of elite real estate. During the period of the first stage there were published more than 165 materials.

The second stage was aimed at the massive promotion of the project and support of the sales start. Stage period: 10 months. As the results of this stage were already formed preferences of buyers of the elite residential estate in Moscow in favor of the project. During the second stage there were published more then 360 materials. Also during the second stage implementation there were organized and held the special events for the mass media, target audience and professional communities.

The third stage was aimed at the promotion of the project on the main areas of sales and PR-support. As the result of the stage implementation there increased sales, was created a unique image of the project Forum the needs of the target audience, as well as were minimized the costs for PR and advertising campaign. During the third stage of promotion there were published 500 materials and were held some special events for the mass media and target audience.



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