Project "Corporate Social Reports for "EuroChem" JSC"

In 2006, the Business League communication group brought a comprehensive consulting support to the process of social reporting of the Mineral and Chemical Company "EuroChem", namely it prepared and issued a report in accordance with the international standards of corporate social reporting GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and the Global Compact UN.

Under the order of the MCC "EuroChem" there was held a series of works on preparation for the publication of the first corporate social report of the company "Key to Success", in which there was accumulated the information about the company's social activity for the period of 2001-2005.

As part of the social reporting the Business League communication group organized consultations with stakeholders of MCC "EuroChem", collected qualitative and quantitative indicators, ensured the fulfillment of social reporting procedures with a focus on the international standards (AA1000 and GRI), assisted in the coverage and distribution of the report.



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