Spring EVENT-session for the small business "Co-Working 2.0"

As part of implementation by the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the project "Coworking 2.0", there was held Spring EVENT-session of business events for small and medium enterprises, that is, business trainings, Forums and conferences, festival and fair of goods and services of small and medium enterprises representatives of the real sector of economy.

The organizer of series of events became the Business League communication group.

Altogether there were organized 26 events that were held within three months.

In total in the series of events participated more than 7,000 representatives of investment funds and grantors, representatives of big business as potential customers, project evaluation experts, business angel investors, representatives of non-profit entrepreneurs associations, innovation centres, technology parks, representatives of small and medium enterprises, including the real sector, Moscow and regions coworkers, representatives of mass media, freelancers of various specialities and individual entrepreneurs.

There were published more than 300 materials in the mass media for the entire period of advertising campaign of the project "Coworking 2.0", as well as promotional videos at the leading radio stations with phase-modulated signal broadcasting to Moscow and near Moscow audience.

There were made more than 500 post-publications on this topic with reference to the materials of past events as a part of the Spring EVENT-session.


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