The World Summit of creative industries

On March 20, 2014 Moscow made the first step in the development of creative industries, namely, the Government of Moscow (at the initiative of the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship) as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress organized the first of its kind outstanding event - the World Summit of Creative Industries. Considering the fact that the creative sector of Moscow has an undoubted potential, the work on the development of industry can make the capital of Russia one of the major creative centres of Europe. And the Summit became an important step towards the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystem of creative industries without territorial and sectoral boundaries.

Therefore, the main tasks of the Summit operator, that is, the Business League Communication Group, were to develop a unique concept of an international event with the participation of foreign experts and gather them at one site (Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh") all those, whose business is built and promoted through the creative ideas and solutions.

Just in one day there made an address more than 50 speakers, including 10 speakers from such foreign countries as England, the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, Croatia, and Ukraine. The Summit was attended by about 2 thousand Russian and foreign entrepreneurs: creative directors, promoters of new technologies, architects and designers, inventors, film, TV and radio producers, stylists and fashion brands creators, promoters of public events and branding agencies, publishers, editors, columnists and bloggers, owners and managers of IT-projects and Internet-start-ups.

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