The Russian Forum "The textile and apparel industry: course to the competitiveness"

On December 8-9, 2014 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (MIT) organized a big industry event in the World Trade Centre, that is, the Russian Forum " Russian Forum "Textile and Apparel Industry: The course to competitiveness"

The Forum’s operator was the "Business League Communication Group ", which made a comprehensive preparation and organization of the event "from scratch".

In August 2014 the project implementation started with the development of creative concept of the event and business program with the most relevant and thorny topics and participation of business leading players and government authorities representatives as speakers and experts. There was created an official website of the Forum - And there was also developed and held an information campaign on the PR-support of the event. As the result there were published about 400 materials announcing the Forum in business, broadsheet and trade media, as well as on the websites of government entities. There was organized a call centre for calling-down made "from scratch" preconceived list of the potential participants of the Forum, that is, the chief executives and the decision-makers in the consumer and textile industries.

Also the «Business League» Communication Group took it upon in full producing and business administration of the Forum, including organizing of catering, cultural program for the participants, event site branding and technical support.

During two days, the Forum was attended by over 800 participants from Russia, the UK, Germany, Italy, China and other countries. There were more than 80 speakers and experts. And about 100 mass media representatives (300 publications about past event and its results).

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