07 september 2017

On June 4, 2015 the awards ceremony of Winners of the National award in the field of business "The company of year 2014" took place

On June 4 the XVI ceremony of rewarding of winners National of the award "Company of Year" took place in the Big Petrovsky hall of Moscow "President hotel", on which business results of 2014 were brought and the best representatives of the branches are awarded.

Vitaly Rasnitsyn, the president of the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAPR) and the president of Business League communication group who was also included into independent Advisory council of competition participated in an awards ceremony: "During the work in Advisory council, estimating nominees, I noticed very impressive results at the companies which could achieve good indicators in difficult year of 2014 and for the Russian business including... It is important and always necessary to sum up the results to note such powerful achievements, to recognize and encourage the best results. It gives all of us good incentive for further development and advance".

About an award:

The annual national award "Company of Year" conducts the history since the end of the 90th years of the XX century. This unique action for the Russian business community which at the same time is a bright secular event in business life of the country and the public action which is summing up the results of business year.

Main goal of the National award "Company of Year" - formation of positive image of Russia and the Russian business.

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