07 september 2017

Vitaly Rasnitsyn held a meeting with academicians of the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAPR)

Traditionally the meeting of academicians was held in the format of business breakfast, during which discussed a number of the important issues formed by the president of RAPR and president of Business League commenication group Vitaly Rasnitsyn in the agenda.

First of all, issues on participation of the Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAPR) in the National award in the field of development of public relations "The silver archer" and current state of works on preparation of the National rating of the communication companies (HP2K) were considered.

Discussion of the new program of educational activity of Academy became an important event of a meeting.

Also, during a meeting of academicians Igor Ignatyev, the president of AKMR, the academician of RAPR and the vice-chairman of ShELL concern in Russia presented the book which coauthor is – "Corporate communications in Russia". This first book in own way which is created on a database of AKMR researches and experience of hundreds of PR heads of the companies from all branches of national economy. Igor Ignatyev noted importance of release of such editions to increase transparency of the market of communications thanks to demonstration of a real condition of branch and to promote its development.

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