Business communications

As we are involved in global business community in the sphere of communications, we constantly are improved and we apply the most modern technologies and achievements in implementation of projects to the clients. Close relations with professionals and leaders of the communication market, which we adjusted for years, allows us to offer only high-quality services in the organization of business communications.
We work both on a constant basis, providing our clients with information and organizational services, and with separate projects, where the recognition of a brand of the company is directed on increase and support of its positive reputation at the market. In case of unforeseen situations we are always ready to work and submit quickly the comprehensive anti-crisis program for the most effective reaction and opposition to a negative information background.
We offer complex communication support of projects in the business, and also in state sectors.
Business communications
Today business structure, which is oriented on success, can’t be managed without Public relations, advertisement, complex business communications.
  • Pr-services
  • Investor relations
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Advertisement & marketing communications
  • Promotion & BTL
  • Content management
Government relations(GR)
Activity of public authorities and organizations, political parties, professional associations achieves success when it is only followed by professional communication support. Wide experience of «Business league» work with the government and noncommercial institutions is a significant resource for their exact positioning.
  • GR & lobbying
  • PR campaigns of NPO, professional organizations, public associations, political parties
  • Press-conferences, press-tours, meetings for the organization of public sectors
  • Special regional programs
  • Communication support of public authorities

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